South African Removals Volume Calculator

To use, simply enter the quantity of each item in your home - if you have none you can leave the box blank.  If you have an item that cannot be found on the form simply find a similar sized item and add to that.  Once you have completed the checklist, click the 'Calculate' button at the bottom of the page and you will be presented with an estimate of the space your items will require.

Lounge/Dining Room   Bedrooms
Piano - upright   Carver Chair   Single Bed   Dressing Table Stool
Piano stool   Bureau Desk   Double Bed   Cheval Mirror
Armchair   Bookcase 6' x 3'   Kingsize Bed   Bureau/Dresser
Recliner Armchair   Bookcase 5' x 3'   C O D - Small   Ottoman
2 seater sofa   Bookcase/CD Rack   C O D - Large   Tallboy
3 seater sofa   Grandfather Clock   Single Wardrobe   Bedside Table
4 seater sofa   Coffee Table   Double Wardrobe   Bedside Cabinet
Footstool   Std Lamp inc Shade   Triple Wardrobe   Bookcase
Rocking Chair   Lamp   Dressing Table - Lge   T V - Sml
Wall Unit 6' x 3'   Rug - Large   Dressing Table - Sml      
China Cabinet - small   Rug - Small            
China Cabinet - large   Mirror   Spare Room
Welsh Dresser   Mag Rack   Futon - Double

  Clothes Rails

Sideboard 5' x 3'   Picture   Z' Bed - Folded   Storage Boxes
Sideboard 4' x 3'   Portable T V            
Dining Table 6'   Television - normal   Boxes
Dining Table 4'   LCD/Plasma T V   Med Box 18'' x 18'' x 18''   Suitcase
Nest of 3 Tables   Video/DVD Player   Lge Box      
Occasional Table   T V Stand            
Wine Table   Entertainment Unit   Outdoor Items
Dining Chairs       Golf Club Set/Trolley   Lawn Mower
            Skis/Snowboard   Hose & Reel
Kitchen   Garden Table   Dustbin
Washing Machine   Vacuum Cleaner   Garden Chairs   Ladders - Extending
Tumble Dryer   Microwave   Large Umbrella/Parasol   Work Bench
Fridge   Kitchen Table - Small   Sun Lounger   Plant Pots
Fridge/Freezer   Kitchen Table - Large   B B Q   Adult Bicycle
American Style F/F   Kitchen Chairs   Child's Swing - Dis   Child's Bicycle
Cooker   Kitchen Stools   Child's Slide - Dis   Power Tools
Cooker - Range   Hostess Trolley   Wendy House - Dis   Tool Cabinet
Dishwasher   Ironing Board   Wheelbarrow   Car Ramps x 2
Chest Freezer   Clothes Airer            

From the information you have provided, we estimate that your house contents amount to  cubic feet.
Print this page & Email us a copy!

The sizes of items can vary and our figures are based on measured averages, therefore the calculated values are for guidance only.

For a quotation, note the cubic feet calculation above and fill out our enquiry form

Office Desk   Filing Cabinet - 4 Dwr  
Small PC Desk   Lateral Filing Cabinet  
Office Chair   PC, Monitor, Printer  
Filing Cabinet - 2 Dwr   Sewing Machine  
Child's Cot - Dis   Toy Chest  
Child's Changing Stn   Bunk Beds - Dis  
Child's Highchair   Box of Toys  
Child's Bed